Your face tells it all!

Ilona Kanto Erkki "Erik" Kanto

Ilona and Erkki Kanto, face reading experts, authors of the books "Faces Tell" and "Your Face Tells All" and co-producers of the upcoming TV-show "Your Face," have now promised to perform face readings to persons who send in their photos. Here are a few facts that your face may reveal: 

Am I lucky in love or business?
What can I learn about my creativity and disposition?
Do the moles on my face have a message?
Which element am I and what does it mean?
Will I have healthy senior years?
Can I trust my partner?
How to find the right partner?
Why do I fight with my partner?
Will I become rich?
What can the others see from my face?
What does my nose tell, or my big eyes?
Will my sex life remain active, or do I need boosting?

Learn about your element!

Order the book YOUR FACE TELLS ALL!

You may order the detailed face reading for one person alone, or two persons in a partnership (marriage, business, etc.). A reading for two also compares the features that unite and divide those two persons.

For the reading, we need two good photos of the face, where the second one shows the side of the face. Photos may be black and white, but color is better. The size should be at least 3" x 4", the larger the better. Do not send original photos, as the material will not be returned.

Click here to see a sample of a face reading.
Normally, the sample opens by clicking on the line above. If your computer does not have an Acrobat Reader, you may download it for free at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html.

How to send your photos:

You may send your photos as email attachments to orders@facereading.cx with your name, full address, date of birth and marital status. Also, include your email and any additional information you wish to share to help us work on your face, and state the date and method of payment.

Or, you may send print photos by regular or certified mail to:

Ilona & Erkki Kanto
Kanto Productions LLC
2551 Galena Ave #85
Simi Valley, CA 93062


You may either use the secure PayPal credit card payment below, or mail us a check or money order for the full amount with your photos. Make your check or money order payable to Erkki Kanto. We fulfill all face reading requests in the order they are received, and you normally receive your personal, written face reading within 2-6 weeks.

Rates for the written face reading:

Personal Face Reading(s) (sent by email)

$59.00 each (no shipping cost or sales tax - worldwide)

Personal Face Reading(s) (US or worldwide shipping by Priority or Air Mail)

$59.00 each + $4.50 shipping (California orders: add sales tax $4.87/each reading)

Personal Face Reading(s) (US shipping by Federal Express)

$59.00 each + $12.00 shipping (California orders: add sales tax $4.87/each reading)

Questions? Please send an email to info@facereading.cx.