You may also book a Face Reading show and lecture to your party, conference, or any other event.

Erkki "Erik" Kanto, an expert of the Chinese Art of Face Reading,
co-author of the best-selling books Faces Tell, Your Face Tells All and now also the DVD Your Face Tells All - Erik Kanto's Lecture on DVD,
has created this 30-90-minute entertaining and fascinating presentation where he reveals the secrets of face reading to his audiences.
Using his multimedia projector, the show is full of images of celebrities and readings of their facial features.

Since the year 2000, Erik has entertained audiences all around the world,
in all sizes of events from compact family get-togethers to large concert halls and cruiseships. 

The Face Reading Show is excellent for holiday parties, to cheer up long conferences, conventions,
birthdays, family reunions, etc., etc. anywhere in the world!

The Face Reading Show is also a valuable tool when training
face-to-face customer service representatives or sales people in all sizes of businesses.

For availability and further details, please contact Erkki Kanto at erkkikanto@facereading.cx.

Print Media Publications:

Enquire about a YOUR FACE TELLS ALL column to your publication!

Send an email to columns@facereading.cx.

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